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About Us

H. Lee Goldblatt, president and founder of Rapid Collection Systems, Inc. has an extensive and diverse background in the collections field, and has created a unique range of problem solving skills. His academic credentials include a bachelor of arts degree in psychology and a master of arts degree in business.

His practical experience includes seven years in commercial collection management, five years as a government collections specialist, and eight years as Corporate Collection Manager for a sixteen branch construction company located throughout the southwest. As a result of twenty years in collections, he has received extensive training in many areas including construction law, credit fraud, skip tracing, and asset recovery. As a special assignment, Mr. Goldblatt designed a collections computer program for the State of Arizona. Also during his tenure with the State of Arizona, he has gained experience in consumer and commercial collections first hand.

Rapid Collection Systems, Inc. (RCS) is an Arizona collection agency founded in 1991. It is fully bonded and licensed for third party collections. It specializes in recovery work for companies who are having trouble collecting their receivables. It will obtain funds owed you without disturbing the goodwill of your customers or the integrity with which your firm is viewed. RCS is a member in good standing of the American Collectors Association, and the Arizona Collectors Association.

RCS is a results-oriented service agency which not only employs state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, but is also service oriented. They believe that your accounts receivable are too valuable to be trusted to the supervision of the "minimum wage collector" employed by many "collection factories". Our collection professionals average over eighteen (18) years of collection experience.

Quality. Rapid Collection Systems, Inc. places high priority on the quality of work processed. RCS believes that being thorough & consistent creates a quality environment and a quality job. The ideology of all concerned at Rapid Collection Systems, Inc. is a professional, courteous, yet firm collection approach. This produces a dignified, efficient route to collection revenues for your company.

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